About Prime Coats

How do I change the color of my house?
Many people would like to change the color of their home when it is painted, but may not know at the time of the estimate what color they would like. We more than happy to do test patches for you. A test patch is about a three by three square of the new color you have chosen that we will put on your home or walls about a week before the actual job starts. The test patch can be put anywhere on your home, but the best place to put it is in a very visible spot where you will see it often and in many different types of light. The small one inch squares of colors from the paint store can be deceiving, so in this way you can be sure this is the color you want to see on your home or walls for many years to come. We also offer color consultations if you are having a hard time making a color decision. If you like the color that is currently on your home the paint store does an excellent job of color matching, of course the new color will be brighter than the color currently on your home since the old paint has probably faded a bit since it was applied. 
Because the color affects the new paints coverage, the price may vary on how many coats are necessary. If you have a color in mind at the time of the estimate, your price will be based on that color change.

Do you have a warranty or some type of guarantee?
Every job is backed by a two year warranty on all paint, labor, and materials, which is another reason we will not skimp on prep work. This means that if something goes wrong with your paint job within two years of application then we will fix it for you free of charge. If you would like to add a full coat of primer we can, in most cases, extend the warrantee to five years.